“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” (Winston Churchill).

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Any market. Any topic. Anywhere.

Based in Vancouver on Canada’s West coast, Leap Research can work on virtually any geographic market in any B2B or consumer category.

You define the scope of any report, which may include (but isn’t limited to) the areas listed below.  Not that research is confined to products and services. Some briefs have more to do with a subject area than a particular product (e.g.,’The Light Green Consumer’, ‘The Sociology of Gift Giving’, ‘Marketing Innovation and Creativity’). As long as there’s written material out there, the search is on.

Industry/category analysis
Positioning research
Competitive analysis
Market / consumer trends: environmental scanning and ‘future gazing’
New product research
Segmentation (bases, targets, etc.)
Summaries / assessments of existing client research
Best-practice creative research
Other ‘best-practice’ insights
Research methodology appraisals
Topic reviews: e.g., loyalty programs, impact of legislative change, innovation and corporate culture

So what have we worked on? We’ve certainly covered the bases, from beer and energy drinks to green buildings in developing countries. We’ve ‘treaded’ the markets in farm tractor tires and outdoor footwear. And explored a spectrum of financial markets, all the way from hedge funds to pay-day loans. In short, Leap Research has the business and marketing acumen needed to tackle virtually any category or subject (see our client list and testimonials).