“The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it” (Samuel Johnson).

Leap Research is a specialised secondary research company devoted to the needs of consultants, marketers and advertising agencies.

After many years working in advertising, marketing research and academia, Dr Erica Evans started Leap Research in 2010. Clients get 100% of the benefit of her 20 plus years experience cutting through challenging, complex and specialized marketing research projects. With a well-rounded business acumen, an MSc in Marketing and a PhD from the University of Manchester (UK), she brings outstanding intellect and know-how to every project.

End clients have included many household names over the years, such as Best Buy, Johnson Controls, Microsoft, HSBC and Tesco, but great clients come in all shapes and sizes.  (See who they are and the things they’ve said here.)

Whatever your business, you’re guaranteed a researcher who truly ‘gets it’.

Dr Erica Evans

Dr Erica Evans